13 August 2010

TGIF #16: something yearly

at last, the 50-hour marathon job was finished! i can relax this weekend. friday falls on the number 13 today. a lot of people says it bad luck. i've seen the friday the 13th movie, but i never believe the 13 to be a bad luck. i better make 5 memorable moments during our 1 week job.

1. Monday. the boss wasn't present (she's still on vacation! Hurray!) 7am we were all in. we're about 14 people, 8 females and 6 males. we literally started around 8:30am. An hour and a half for a morninng coffee and chat. i never drink coffee nor used to drinking hot tea. but it would be fair if i sit and have one. i took the hot tea with lemon.

2. Tuesday. the boss wasn't in yet. we had a burpy lunch. some order pizza, we contributed for a big watermelon and i brought fruit salad. we literally resume our work around 2pm. no one's gonna tell. the boss isn't there. =)

3. Wednesday. our boss was IN! well, she's the kind of boss everyone will love. she jokes around. as long as we do our jobs, she never minds if we spent an hour for a coffee break.

4. Thursday. we're almost finished with the job. we did everything in slow motion. we still have one day! the guys after lunch were allowed some napping time. one of them made some stolen shots of the wacky sleeping poses. would someone upload that on facebook? we're all members. i'll wait for the tags. hahaha. good thing i don't nap. if not i'll be one of the victims.

5. Friday. "it's the 13th", they said. everone had their "number 13" opinions. we started 9am this time. it's the last day! the boss told us we can go home earlier if we're already finished. one of our colleagues is celebrating his birthday, so he invited us over to his house for dinner and some fun. i said, i can't. my kids and hub are waiting for me. so we all bid goodbye around 4:30pm. one offered a car ride near our house. i was home at 5pm.

All in all, we had a tiring, but a fun work-week. i would probably miss the lunch time, &chit chats,and iwill miss too the team members from the other office whom i wont be able to see anymore.

'Til august 2011!

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