23 August 2010

Le Cornelle

Parco Faunistico Le Cornelle is just an hour away from Milan.
This amazing animal farm is a must for nature lovers.

Via Cornelle 16
Valbrembo, Bergamo

Adult - 11euro
Kids - (3 to 11 years old) - 9euro

October-March - 9am - 5pm
April-September - 9am - 7pm

The Zoo was built on a 100,000 sq.m. land, way back on 1981.

Hub and i have no ahead plans of going to the zoo this weekend. Since we have nowhere to go, i suggested, i mean urged, that we bring the kids to the zoo. It's super hot in Milan, so i guess we need a touch of nature. "let's go to parco Cornelle, i haven't been there, as well as the kids!", i esclaimed. "Me budget ba?", he asked me. "Meron naman. Invite natin sina Tita Beth (my hub's aunt), ilibre natin sila, para makikiride tayo sa car na lang going to Cornelle", i replied. The farm cannot be reached with a normal public bus. Since we have no car, from Milan, we only took a bus, going to Bergamo. "oh, sige, call them. bihis na." hub answered me back.

Hub had good points of not buying a car here in Italy.
1) there are lot of means of transport: bus, tram, subway trains, local trains. all can reach our work destination.
2) traffic/honk-stress free
3) parking problems and vandalisms
4) expensive gasoline, vehicle tax and insurance
5) freedom from accidents or carjacks/robbery

Cornelle is somewhere high up in the mountains near Bergamo, so car is a must. We always knew people with good cars and hearts =)

One of the nice features of the farm is the petting zoo, where kids/adults can feed and touch the domestic and tame animals. Cool! Some ducks, birds and peacocks are "normally" roaming around. my daughter Zendra had fun running with or catching them. =)

These are not just leaves behind us. it's actually a restaurant. Nature na nature ang dating!

i bet if they allow petting on bears, the zoo could have been closed from Day 1. hahaha. RRaaawr!

I love Zebras..they're so Dolce and Gabbana! Fashionable! =)

"Bilis ang click..baka sipain ako ng elephant", i told the one who captured the foto.

Caption: Turtle is 150 years?!!! What? Yes, it's true!

I can never be a horseback rider. I'm a bit scared of horses. At least i touched one.

I'm just too tired (or lazy) to write folks. i could have written thousand words here to describe our trip. Bear with me. I'm totally Zooed. Picture floods can pay for it right?


ripemango said...

hi butterfly,

nice write up on the zoo!
parang similar sa Avilon Zoo sa atin sa Rizal Province..sana napuntahan mo din yun. something new sa pinas. privately owned kaya well- maintained.

you look fitter now than these photos year ago :)

keep it up,

butterfly said...

ay oo nga, parang antaba ko nga dito compared today. ala kasing diet diet. now i have less rice na and i jog na. di ko naman dream na mag slim, just fit and healthy. oks na yun.

if i could go back for vacation, i would have loved going to many places. masyadong short and mabagyo rin. maybe next time i'll visit that Avilon Zoo.