21 August 2010


"With each rising sun you are here by my side

You are more than a dream come true

to have you, to hold you, to love you, to pray

To share with, to care with, to hold hands and say

This is the day that the Lord hath made

And I will rejoice with you

This is the love that the Lord hath made

That you and I, we are one

Love's mystery is unfolding today

Written for us in the sun

for better, for worse, for rich or for poor

Each day that passes,

I love you more.."

(song by scott wesley brown)

August 21, 2001: a memorable ocassion

five people - the judge, the couple, 2 witnesses

one sacred phrase - "I do."

9 YEARS OF MARRIAGE (plus 4 years of togetherness)

who says 13 isn't lucky? =)

a silver set of necklace and ring with butterfly designs!
gifts from my hub. love, love, love it!

we had a busy day hanging out with the kids at the park. when we got home, my hub prepared a margherita pizza. i got 3 slices.
was that I love You? =)

at dinner, my hub (he cooks well) cooked "pancit canton".

a warm day, warm smiles, warm foods & warm greetings for us.
thank you LORD for this day!

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