18 June 2013

Foto #18: I Love Films

The Exorcist. 
I was 13 when i saw this on big screen. I screamed my hearts out. Up to now, i still picture Linda Blair turning her heads 360 degrees. I love horror films. And probably this very film had made me a film lover since then. 


- I got almost 300 dvd films i guess. Concerts not included yet. I got lost counting.

- I got this Warner Brothers book of films. 

- I am a frustrated scriptwriter. I had imagined a lot of good stories to tell. So surreal. Maybe won't work.

- I can watch more than 10 times my favorite films without being annoyed. (Armageddon, Shawshank Redemption, Pretty Woman, The Exorcist, The Proposal, etc)

- I buy CD soundtracks when i really feel the movie. (Pretty Woman, Bridget Jones Diary, You've Got Mail, etc.)

- I can have a movie marathon all night and day, when i'm lazy to do something else.

Now, don't wonder why my eldest son is taking up Bachelor of Arts in Film. =)


Betchay said...

same here, tin! I love watching films too! I am pretty sure you have a wide, beautiful collections of films.

butterfly said...

yes i do! =)