02 June 2013

Foto #02: Then Concert It Is!

These concert tickets had been like a tennis ball for quite a week. These was from my mom's friend, and given to her.

Now, let me tell you how these tickets landed finally on my hands.

Two weeks ago, a filipina (not really a friend) who writes article for a filipino magazine here contacted me if the TFC (The Filipino Channel) Europe can interview me and my daughter to be featured on this tv show on June 2. They will be coming directly from Rome for the concert event here in Milan. So, i said yes, why not? That would be interesting. I mean for the first time, a filipino tv will feature Zendra as one of the filipina kid models here abroad. The first interview i made (since zendra was only 3 years old then) was on german tv which featured kid models for a fashion show. I was shy, but since i talked in english, i guess i pulled it gracefully. Pity, i wasn't able to see it on tv. It's german. Hard to search for i can't understand the language.

Zendra had been featured in different magazines worldwide, but no single filipino magazine. Ironically, Zendra is a filipina. It would give us pride for her, to be recognized as a little filipina making a name abroad, right?

So there, from that particular call, until yesterday morning i patiently wait for the TFC staff to call or confirm for that "interview". At least to give me details of the interview, what to bring, what to do and most of all, where to go. Nada! I never call them because i didn't know their personal numbers. The one contacted me recently disactivated her account.

On the other hand, an italian photographer of mine 4 days ago contacted me for a project for June 2, too. I obviously refused her that day, because of this TFC interview. Yesterday, i said yes to her, "we are available". I already gave the notice to my friend who will be "interviewed" too that we had a pictorial out of Milan, so we will not be available for the TFC thing. Period.

I called my babysitter if she's interested to watch the said concert because mom had two excess tickets. She said she's interested, but around 8pm yesterday, she texted she can't make it.

I got a message yesterday, from my friend-photographer around 10pm, that they can't make it for June 2. They were still "trapped" with work out of Milan and it would be impossible to be able to organize early Sunday morning for the pictorial. Anyway, the deadline's on June 7, we can rearrange the schedule for Zendra. So, i said, "no problem, just call us."

My husband had an extra work this Sunday, and i asked him if he can work early morning. I will get the tickets from mom and we can just watch the concert later. He said, "ok, just call me where you are and i'll meet you and the kids."

This morning 8am, i called my mom and asked her for these tickets.
"I won't make the interview anymore...the pictorial had been packed-up...we'll just join you at the concert."

If the tickets can talk, i wonder what will they say. =)


Betchay said...

oh, that would be fun Tin!! Enjoy!

butterfly said...

Betchay, we really had a lot of fun! winner si Chokoleit, nakaalis ng stress sa lahat ng OFW even for a day. =)