12 June 2013

Foto #12: "Help"

We are not super heroes. They only exist in the movies or magazines or comics.
Certainly we can't fly, have x-ray visions and lift a whole airplane like what the super heroes do.
Super heroes don't cry for "Help".

We do!

Asking for help is not a sign of being weak. No one is perfect.
Self-reliance is a good thing, but we also need to be strong enough to accept that we also need someone.

We have to let go of the problems that no one can fix. If we need help to lift up some burdens, don't be afraid.

Just ask for help.


Betchay said...

so true, tin! ask for help when needed. I guess, Bart needs help this time. :)

butterfly said...

yes Betchay. i "drown" Bart this time.