01 June 2013

Foto #01: Welcoming June

This is it. Another challenge to myself. Actually i had started a photo blog for my daughter, Zendra. But due to the hectic schedules, i missed 2 months and i didn't get to really complete the 365 photos/days i was aiming. I got other pages to attend too, so i have to confess i failed my goal. Anyway, i promised to myself i'm gonna start again with a personal photo blog. Photos that i personally captured with my Nikon D60. It's not as new as the latest DSLR's around, but, what's important, i can play with it from time to time. Thanks again for the challenge and inspiration, my friend BETCHAY who's a great photographer/blogger.

I love photos, really! i love capturing things and moments.

I'm not a photographer. I don't know how to really use a professional camera. How to mix up with the lights and all.
So, bear with me. I'm just having fun.

Here's my number 01 photo of the day. My Nikon camera lens cover on top of a sunflower.

Welcome June!


dewie said...

nice summery feel.
what's the weather in italy this june?

butterfly said...

Hi Dewie.
It's cold today. Just like autumn.

Betchay said...

wow, tin! keep it up!! love this photo! two thumbs up, sissy!!

butterfly said...

Thanks Betchay! yay! baka sa una lang yan, tsamba, hahaha.
kidding aside, will make an effort. ipapaprint ko as book, para mainspire me to complete =)