04 June 2013

Foto #04: Rewind/Forward

Just how many times in our lives that we wished we had a life remote control, and we can simply "rewind" everything, start all over again; or "forward" and make the things around us fast, leaving our fears behind. Admit it, once in a while you just want to push that button "rewind" to recapture the good memories, as well as, push that button "forward" to make our dreams come true right away. Not to mention the "stop or pause" buttons, we all wished life can be remote controlled.

A wish for a "rewind".
Each one of us have this kind of "guilt". A bit of regret. 
Each one of us have this "want-to-go-back-in-time" wish, and get things more right. Say sorry for whom you've hurt. Or the other way around, you've been hurt and you just want to go back and not be hurt.

A wish for a "forward".
Each of us have this kind of "i need to know." A bit of a hint.
Each of us have this "want-to-go-fast-forward-in-life" wish, and see what the future brings. 
See beyond the present.

But hey, let's push the "stop or pause" button first.

"Stop" and realize things about the past. Learn from your mistakes. Smile from your old memories.
Use those experiences, mistakes and learnings in order to be a better person onwards.
"Pause". Take one step at a time. We all walk before we run. 

Just push the "Play" button. Live your life now.


Betchay said...

I'll push my PLAY button life now. Very true! Have a lovely day, Tin!!

butterfly said...

thanks Betchay. play lang nang play =)