17 June 2013

Foto #17: Letting Go

For a child, letting go of her favorite shoes is as painful as to the adult who loved and lost.

(translated in english, 'coz she talks italian with a bit of tagalog)

Z: "Mamma, why are you throwing these shoes?"(upon seeing me putting it in the trash box)
Me: "It's already old and broken."
Z: "No, i love these red shoes. It's still fine."
Me: "It's already small and it has a hole...if it rains your feet will get wet." (i invented "the hole thing)
Z: (Made a face...a bit sad/annoyed)
Me: "Don't worry i will buy you a new one, another red shoes ok?"
Z: (thinking)...
Me: "OK?"
Z: "OK!"

Z: "But, can you just tear off those two hearts, Mamma so i can paste it on my new shoes?"

I just smile ....