21 September 2012

TGIF #37: Something to Sigh About

Hi there folks, it's another friday again. Much as i want to say everything's ok, i can't help but sigh today.

1.   My son will go to school for the first time alone. I can't come with him, nor my hub. It's been 7 years that he's been accompanied by us going to school. "Ma, i can go to school by myself, i'm big now". He always utter to me since he started his first week in middle school. The school anyway is just around 200 meters from home, just a walking distance, straight ahead. Hope he'll be fine. 

2.  Some of the books needed in school by my son isn't available yet. He's been sighing this morning, because he need one for home study. What can i do? Not all books can be bought right away. We need to order it first. 

3.  Bills, bills, bills. Who would be happy with this endless bills? IMU (Another tax added by the italian government to home owners), was announced late May of this year. We didn't know that the first rate was last June. So we paid too some fines. Apartment tax is due, as well as electric bills. Arrggh!

4.  My eldest son back home is having some hard time in school. Geez, i always regret not being beside him. All i can do is chat with him, leave some messages, or call.

5.  My little girl, Zendra is sick today. Yesterday she vomitted. Probably because of colds and cough. The sudden change of the weather isn't helping. She got a fever and i hope she gets well soon.

So, there i am, completely SIGHING!!! =(


RipeMango said...

so that's why u've been offline!
priorities! hope all is well...take care of yourself, too.

butterfly said...

sometimes we need to stay away from the virtual world. di ba?