28 September 2012

TGIF #38: Something To Run

It's another Friday once again. Thank God It's Five-Day!
Time is more precious today, i'm gonna run for it.

1. Zendra's school is close for today. What else, strike of personnel (again). They already had a strike last Wednesday. Immagine the damage for the working moms like me. Hub's gonna bring Zen to my friend's house before he goes to work at 9am.

2. Jaki's school will open at 10am (because of strike), instead of the regular 8am. I have a 10am work, so i'll go with Jaki to school earlier, around 9:30am.

3. After my work at 1pm, i'll fetch Zendra at my friend's house who's kind enough to babysit for my girl. During urgent times, i'm glad she's always available. 

4. After fetching Zendra, i have to fetch again Jaki from school by 2pm.

5. Prepare lunch for the two kids, hang laundry...then off to work again at 4pm.

Run, run, run....!

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