29 September 2012

Shoot & Eat!

Hub's home made empanada. Yummy!

Complete Tutu' with Velvet Shawl by
Shoes: Eleganz

Blouse: Osh Kosh Kids
Skirt: Chicco
Leggings: OVS Kids
Shoes: Mimi
Accessory: Accessorize

Accessory: Terranova
Dress:  SM
Shoes: Zara Kids

Blouse & Socks: H&M
Short & Shoes: Zara Kids

Complete Clothes by H&M
Shoes by Z Generation

I have been busy today: feeling like a fotographer. wink wink.
Of course i'm not that good in photography, but i love taking fotos. Yesterday night i got a message from my daughter's modelling agency to have a time to take fotos of Zendra at home this weekend. They will need 3 or 4 fotos by Monday. This is for an important casting for a catalogue (top secret for now). The client wants to see normally photos at home, not the ones from the studio taken by professional photographers. No effect, no make ups, no anything on the head, no editing at all. So here i was, trying to mix and match clothes for my little girl. Some stuffs are new and some are old ones (which she still haven't worn). I'm not a perfect fashionista, so i rely on kid's catalogues. the last H&M outfit is almost exactly what the girl wears in their winter catalogue.

Aside from the text message, i got another email, asking me again some latest fotos, for an important casting for a kid's fashion show. They already stated when and where and for what brand Zendra might be modelling. It's not in Milan and it's a week day sometime in November, for winter collection. If i send fotos, and they will confirm Zendra, will i go to the event? will my boss give me a two-day vacation again? This would be the first fashion show for Zendra. Gosh! Would love to see her walking that fashion ramp stage. Scary too, for i don't know if she'll be ok about it. With those loud music and people around, i hope she doesn't get shy or further more, cry. Aw! Although she always utter to me, "Mamma, voglio fare la sfilata" (Ma, i like to be in a fashion show"), i still have to cross all my fingers. I really need to think about it.

Last but not the least, these fotos also serve as "dress rehearsal" for her upcoming fotoshoot on location. It's a special project. Hang in there for further notice. =)

And while we're busy changing clothes and posing, a breaktime is truly needed. thanks to my hub for making an effort to cook empanada for us (foto up). So yummy! Of course, it's one of my favorite pinoy pastries. He knows how to cook a lot of stuffs unlike me. Hub's the real cook in the family. I'm a certified eater only! =)

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