20 September 2012

I'm Not Active (Temporarily)

It's has been days that i disactivated my facebook account. I need this for a "breather". Yeah, i know, facebook has been a part of my everyday life and whether i admit it or not, it steals a lot of my time. It's a real temptation to sit, not just 1 or 2 hours in front of the pc (just for facebook). Unconsciously, i find myself sitting for 3 hours or more, and never finished other things i need to do. So, i guess a lot of my friends are "missing me", or "in panic" for they don't know why they can't find my fb profile. Only a few persons knew i'm not active. I told myself i need a 3-4 day fb break, but i guess, i'm still enjoying the out-of-fb-world. So, i might as well be invisible for a long time. A lot of my friends on the list will not notice my absence, i guess.

Although my account is disactivated i always find a way not to miss some things on the virtual world. My twitter account is active of course, which from time to time, i post something. My email obviously is the busiest one for now.

Things i focused more during my FB absence:

Blogging. Yeah i finally can write 1 or 2 articles in one sitting now. When i started using the computer and internet, my very first social network is friendster, then i have been a prolific Yahoo360 Beta blogger. So much fun those days.
I may give up my social network accounts, but not my blogger site.

Laundry & Ironing. I had more time to finish washing clothes, curtains and carpets! The ironing bin is almost empty!

Play with the kids more.

Watch TV! Gosh, i don't exactly knew now my fave tv program's schedules. At least i can watch some now.

Sleep early. I'm a night owl. I signed off in facebook almost midnight or 1 o'clock in the morning. Without facebook now, i signed off at 11pm.

So, i guess if i activate my facebook account again, i might as well really put "restrictions" to myself. I guess i'll finish a lot of things outside the virtual world, and that would be the best part. =)

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