22 September 2012

No Pain, No Gain

during my high school days, i'm the tiny, skinny one. everytime i see my old fotos i just laugh. it seems i'm not eating anything!
my first pregnancy didn't make me fat. i was weighing 42 kilos then, then after a year, i was weighing 38 kilos. then, came my second son, i was weighing 48 kilos! after a year, i was weighing 50 kilos! oh my! i was too lazy to exercise and too busy eating! hahaha.then, came my third baby, my only daughter. i was weighing (for the love of god!) -- 52 kilos! my waistline was 31 inches. it sure is not a good sight. I am only 4"10" in height. more kilos and i can be compared to a barrel. =)

after birth the weighing scale keeps on telling 52 or 53 kilos. diet is not in my vocabulary. when we had our philippine vacation 2 months ago and heard stories of many of my known friends died so early.
the usual killer: heart attack! (high blood pressure)
that is so dreadful. my family have a heart condition history. my mom's mother, my aunt, my cousins, etc. : all dead. so even eating native foods back home is a luxury, i give some limits to them.
i certainly didn't gain weight during my stay back in the philippines. (buti naman)

after a week that we came back here in Milan, i decided to really watch out about my health. i'm 40! i'm not getting any younger. Diet is a struggle, but i hope i could start by getting fit. 

September 2011: current status: 53 kilos, waistline 30inches

friends who saw me for the last 3 months is asking: "Uy, payat mo na ah, ano'ng ginawa mo?" 

 I started jogging by september 2011 during weekdays (except when it rains). I used to have 15-20 minutes in the park jogging and sweating. I'm not really thinking of being instantly slim. My real goal is to stay fit first. i'm not jogging now anymore. Kids go to school earlier and i have work now in the morning, and of course it's getting so cold and dimmer in the park. ayoko na nga, baka ma rape pa ako dun, hehehe.
Honestly, i'm not obsessed of what is bad or good to eat. Even the greasiest food can still fit into a diet, as long as it's properly moderated. Eating hamburgers and french fries with mayonaise once or twice a month is not that bad. If i avoided what i want to eat, i will just crave for them more. Ang sarap kumain ha.

The truth is, we have no weighing scale in the house. So, i just calculate how much i weigh. Once month, i just test-weigh where i work. Mas nakaka conscious if everyday kang mag titimbang di ba?

my father use to say, "eat like a queen during breakfast", so from childhood until now, i'm used to eating heavy breakfast: that means rice is a just, otherwisenginig na ako ng 10am pag di ako kumain. i still eat heavy in the morning because it's the start of the day, need to work, run to school for the kids, cook dinner. i can survive without eating lunch, until 2 or 3pm. some crackers for snack or kahit ano lang "tsitsirya" oks na. by dinner, i only eat bread with ulam. no-rice policy at night. 

When you find you're slipping back from the diet mentality, keep yourself busy. watch tv, film, listen to music, write something. I just write blogs and never noticing i've been writing for hours and not eating anything. Calling friends or being with them is another one. Laughing burns calories as well. that's true!

By this means i eat everything i want, even abundantly. 2 days is not a big deal to stuff myself with baci or snickers chocolates or eat rice 3 times/day. it's my policy: don't super suffer yourself!

September 2012: current status: 45 kilos, waistline 26inches

I'll maintain some chubs though. Oks na yan. Thanks for the compliments, fans! =)


Valentina Mantovani said...

che bella la "nuova" Kris :)
mi piaceeee ♥
ti voglio bene

butterfly said...

grazie cara valentina. o mamma, sono cosi "ingrassata" l'anno scorso. uff....meno male ho fatto un po di dieta =)

Maan said...

Wow congrats hot momma. Ako kaya kelan ppayat. Lol. Keep it up Ate..

RipeMango said...

wow. congratulations! you look great and the efforts paid-off. keep it up!!

butterfly said...

thanks Maan & Dewie =)