25 September 2012

Spend Precious Moments

Kids are growing up!
Looking at the foto: left one was taken last 2006 during our Philippine vacation. I still have 2 sons, then. At the right foto, my little girl, Zendra was added to the clan. The year was 2011. The other kids with them were my nephew and nieces from my brother and sister. See how the kids grow up so fast. My niece, Fae had just turned 18, my son, CJ turned 17, Luis turned 14, Raya is turning 7, Jaki is turning 11, both this year. And Zendra is turning 4 next year. Whew, another 6 years and almost all of them are so grown enough to drive, except the youngest 2 girls. And one day, 1 or 2 will marry..(oops, i want to discard that thought for now) Ayoko pang maging lola! =)

So, am i that getting old? Wait. How do i rephrase that word?
Hmmm? Is time really that fast? Yeah, i bet.
Life gets more and more fast paced, and we really can't hold back the time anymore. Sometimes we need to take things slow a bit and enjoy every second of our kid's time, for one day, they will have their own lives and destinations.

To spend more time with kids, we need to really take seriously to "be with the kids". Turn off the tv, the video games and computers. Ok, one thing is sure when all of the above were turned off. Turn on the radio and we'll sing and dance to Adele's and Bryan Adams' tunes. The two artists were the "family's fave".

Go out in the park. When i really have time and the weather is nice, i bring the kids in the park near our home. Of course, picture taking is a must. I need to capture moments.

Me, my son and my daughter have one thing in common: we love drawing. I got 3 boxes of color pencils and color pens. That's why i have stocks of  bond papers. My little girl knew where i hide them, so during her "cutting-paper" mood, expect paper floods on the floor.

Play is one of the amazing things to connect with the kids. Have fun. Never worry if you'll look like a silly mom, or dad. Great bonds comes from playtime and giggles and laughter with the kids.
Zendra loves the "aiplane game". Yeah, i used to put her on my knees and lift her up, like she's flying. Gosh...i'm afraid my knees will crack now. hahaha. She's getting heavy.
Zendra loves disney scrabble. There's a guide word on the board and all she needs to do is copy the letters. She's good! While my son, Jaki loves the snakes and ladders. We also do that game that i, myself used to play during my childhood. "Sim, sam, sim sam...give the name of"...then i will give a certain subject or topic, and they will give the different kinds/names relating to what i said. It's informative and fun.

Yes, they're still small or young, but try to watch them. Sure they can do some things for themselves. Let them be. My son, who's 10 years old still never perfected how to bunny-tie his shoes. He always have a hard time tying his shoes. Patience is a virtue. In time he'll perfect that without my help. Zendra can dress herself and put her shoes on (yet sometimes the left shoe is worn in her right foot, and vice versa) I let her realize she put it wrong. I really smile when i saw her face light up everytime she close her clothes with the buttons. "Ho fatto io mamma" (I did it mamma). "Brava!" (i always acknowledge her). Amazing feeling it is.

Spend wisely and lively all the moments with your kid/s. Treat every seconds of your time with them like gold!

Ooops. Here we are, when we were young!
(almost 20 years ago)
my brother Junjun, Me, Ronron
Karen & Tonton
-- we're not that old. seems just yesterday =)

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