01 November 2011

Hub's (Early) Birthday Bash

It's All Saint's Day! We don't exactly have plans today. we just see it as a non-working holiday and my husband thought of just staying home. But the thought of lazying inside the house for almost 2 weeks with sick zendra and jaki, i guess i need a breather.

Me: "Babes, labas naman tayo, holiday naman. bukas, birthday mo, me pasok na mga kids at tayo sa work, wala na tayong chance to roam around man lang."

Hub: "O? Sa'n tayo?"

Me: "Dun na lang sa Parco Sempione, malapit lang. maglalaro lang kids sa park..."

Hub: "Eh sa'n tayo kakain ng lunch?"
Me: "O sige na nga sa centro na tayo, sa Duomo, oks na kahit sa Mcdo."

My husband dialed my mom's number and invited her. I didn't know they talked about where to eat for lunch. The last thing i know, we were headed towards a restaurant, not McDonald's. Today is the first day of November, so it means we need to pay again for the traveller's card for the whole month. (30euro!) I assumed the bar near us is close because it's a holiday so i didn't bring with me my travel card. instead i have with me a normal ticket (1.50euro for 90 minutes).

Mom said to me: "Ayun, bukas pala yung bar..load ka na..."
Me: "Hindi ko na nga dinala yung tessera (card) ko..yaan mo na, bumili naman ako ng ticket, baka mahuli pa ng inspector."

So, we got the number 57 bus for milan center, then transferred to Tram N. 2 for Duomo. Mom suddenly gosh. "Ay, wala pa pala akong load sa card!"
Me: "Ikaw na nga nagsabi sa akin na bukas ang bar to load, tapos ikaw pala ang walang load. buti na lang walang inspector...me multa ka sana."

So we went down at Duomo and mom headed to bar. while waiting for her, hub and i go inside OVS department store. He touched a cute light brown coat and said, "ganda nito...isukat mo!"
Me: "Ay oo nga, 'yan ang type ko, maiksi lang", so i got the size 42 (the only size after size 44 hanging on the stand)
Hub: "Ayun ang mirror".
So, i looked at myself wearing the nice coat. My hub handed me his card.
Me: "Talaga? Bibilhin mo for me? Mahal ow..look ang price...69.99euro"
Hub: "Bagay sa'yo eh. sige na, mamya expired na 'yang card after 1 hr." he kidded.

I was really grinning excitedly while i line up at the cashier. It's my hub's birthday tomorrow and i'm supposed to give him a gift, but everytime his birthday is near, he's the one giving me.
Love you B!
I was actually wearing a black blazer today.
Hub: "isuot mo na agad...."
I tear off the tag and smilingly wear the nice brown coat. See? It's all i'm wearing in the fotos!
My husband bought a jacket and my mom a winter boots. Jaki bought pokemon cards and only Zendra have been "empty-handed".

Me: "madami na syang shoes and clothes. new boots lang kulang."
Mom: "me nakita ako, bibilhin ko..."
Me: "basta black!"

We saw an elephant again and my son, Jaki wanted to have a picture. So, we just decided to walk...and hub took some pictures. =)

I haven't been to 999 restaurant that my mom recommended.

when we arrived around 2pm, we saw a very long line outside the door. the restaurant must be full, i
thought. we didn't have reservations, so we need to wait for some free tables. the place is big though. then a waiter called us. "Table for four?" then, we went inside.
Whew! too many customers today.

it's an eat all you can lunch today!
you can ask foods to be grilled/fried or steamed, then eat as long as you can. wow!
will i be tempted? =)

i headed to the buffet corner. oh my! every delicious foods are present! i warn myself: "diet, diet, diet"...hahaha.
"titikim lang ako" (i whispered to myself)
i took some sushi and some chicken with mushrooms for the first plate.
for my 2nd plate, i tried the rice sticks, vegetable rolls, tiny vinegar soaked cucumbers and smiley circle fries.
of course, my daughter was curious of the fries, she kept on looking at the circle fries while biting and putting her finger at the eyes.

Jaki's not an "eat all" boy, so he sticks to his pizza habit, some chicken nuggets and sausages.
Hub ordered some grilled shrimp with mushrooms and potatoes. it took him more than 20 minutes in line though before he finally eat. but, it's worth the wait.

so, that was it for today. a simple blow-out and get away. by the way, my hub's sweat shirt was my mom's gift to him from Rome. my hub understand that i can't afford to buy him a gift now. i'm earning less (just one fourth of his salary, putal lang 'yung kita ko)! i still can't work full-time because of the kids. but i will make it up to him this christmas. we'll gonna celebrate my hub's birthday on sunday when my mother-in-law visit us.
'til next food trip!

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