17 November 2011

2-Minute Blog: Life is so Full....

1. Life is complicated! I know you've been trying to understand the equation above.

2. Life is full of numbers. I hate numbers when calculating. I love numbers when spending. =)

3. Life is full of "sh?t". Public transportation is on strike again today. They had a strike last week.

4. Life is full of extremes. This morning it's so cold outside. I put two jackets on, a stocking and a pair of socks. Inside home, it's so hot. The heater is killing me.

5. Life is filled with temptations. I'm a bit hungry now. But, I am eating toasted biscuits for breakfast. Rice was definitely gone out of my morning menu. Aiming to loose weight.

6. Life is full of luck. I bought a gray boots for me today. My size is 34. Lucky me, size 36 fits. That's why they called it "on sale", they're wrongly sized.

7. Life is full of enthusiasm. My daughter went to bed around 1am in the morning. I'm glad she woke up around 7:30am without no struggle or cries. She's excited for school.

8. Life is full of smell. I'm smelling fish: i bought 1.5 kilos of fish for today's dinner; clean and prepared them. I bought Vanilla scented oil with sticks for our room.

9. Life is full of clicks. I won't miss writing/blogging today. Is there something called click-counter? i wonder how many clicks i will make this thursday.

10. Life is full of wonders. I know you'll look again at the picture above. =)

This is just a 2-minute blog. If you stay here for more than 5 minutes, don't blame my title, ok?

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