09 November 2011

And There it Goes...(Again)

8:20am: Me and Zendra went out to bring Jaki to school.

8:30am: Zendra was with me at the bank to get some money.

8:50am: Zendra and i are waiting for her school to open up.

9:00am: bell rings. headed inside the school.

Zendra's not so excited to go to school. she's fine when i dressed her up this morning. i bid goodbye to her and her teacher elisa brought her into her arms.

9:15am: i loaded my internet key, then bought a bottle of fresh milk.

9:18am: i am home, ready to make the laundry.

9:20am: Preschool on the phone: "ma'am you need to get your daughter as soon as possible. She doesn't stop crying. we measure her temperature, she got 37.9°C of fever."

Me: "oh...poor little girl. i'm coming."

9:40am: i signed some routine papers and got Zendra out of the school.

9:50am: we're home,and she vomitted. she's very warm. poor daughter of mine =(

flu is here again. the change of weather isn't helping so much.

hope she gets better soon.

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