07 November 2011

Another Celebration

My mom-in-law's real plan was to eat out at the restaurant. but, we tried having our reservations, but the restaurant's full. almost all the restaurants we called! so, she decided to have an urgent grocery and our friend (who's a good cook) fastly made 4 meals in a half day! wow! pancit, sweet and sour meatballs, menudo, friend chiken & shrimps and leche flan. no birthday cake! =) my husband didn't expect those menus because, he had a simple celebration last saturday already with his close pals and had some drinks.
but, anyway, my mom-in-law invited some close friends over and i invited mine too.

while everybody in the dining/kitchen are busy, my two kids were busy with their things. Jaki with my hub's new Ipad, Zendra with cutting papers...then both of them with Ipod's. When my friend Winnie's daughter arrived, Zendra had her playmate. i would say that Zendra's still not used to having someone around in the house to play with her own toys. she always grab it right away and sometimes push her playmate. sigh...i hope she's not like that in school. i was a bit embarassed Zendra hurting other kids. but, anyway, kids are just kids, i'm glad my friend (the mother of Maxim) really understand. the girls had a great time too with Jona, cousin of Winnie.
the small party lasted until 10pm.

Happy Birthday again Babes!

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