08 September 2010

UP wonderment

my son Jaki and my little daughter Kiara had been watching the movie UP since yesterday. i guess they played it 5 to 6 times already. they're watching it over and over again today (while i'm writing this blog).

(translated, since my son talks italian)

Jaki: Ma, is it true that hundreds of balloons could lift up the whole house?

Me: No, not possible. it only happens in the movie. in real life, balloons can't lift up the whole house.

Jaki: ah..now i understand.

Jaki: So the little boy and the little girl in the first part becomes wife and husband, then grew old?

Me: Yes, they got married and grow old.

Jaki: So, when i grow old, i'll be my sister's father?

Me: No, when you grow old, you'll still be Kiara's brother.

Jaki: and who will be my mother when i grow old?

Me: I am still your mother when you grow old.

Jaki: ah...even if kiara and you and dad grow old, nothing will change, i'm still your son, you are still my Ma, and dad is still my papi...?

Me: Yes!


Kiara: baaaaa..baaaaa... (seeing too many ballons in the movie)

she got her balloon and i saw her trying to tie her toy to a balloon.
it was hilarious! she never gave up even she never knew how to tie.

yeah, my kids really amuse me.

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