24 September 2010

TGIF #22: something to be proud of

i'll be talking about my niece FAE. she's my 2nd brother's (JUN) daughter. she's 16 years old.

5 things why we are all proud of her:

1.) She practically grew up with my eldest son...they're like sister and brother. she's a typical teenager who enjoys life, have fun with friends, but never miss classes and remain to be a good student.

2.) She plays the piano and the guitar. most of all, she sings very well.

3.) Last year she won the grand prize as FAITH Idol when she was in high school. Her very first school competition.

4.) She is in her freshmen years now in college and compete for another singing contest @ their school: Lyceum of The Philippines-Laguna. she won the 2nd runner up award. wow!

semi-final round


5.) Incidentally, the final night was her mother's birthday. what a nice present for her! my brother here was so rejoiceful, as well as my mom and me, of course!

Congrats Fae!

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