11 September 2010

the power of giving

have you ever counted how much have you've been given?
have you ever thought how much impact you're giving has become, to one or two people?
have you ever wanted more to give?

i told myself: if i can give little or big, i'm a powerful one!

The Power of Giving - Azim Jamal & Harvey Mckinnon

we live in a world of violence, human suffering and environmental destruction. what can we, as caring beings, do to help heal the wounds of others and reduce their pains? what can we do to heal our own personal wounds and diminish our own suffering?

we can give. everyone has something to give, be it time, money, wisdom, love or a variety of other things.
we can accomplish miracles through our giving. giving ideas, skills, and resources can dramatically improve the world we live in.

have you ever heard the saying, "we may only be one person in the world, but we may be the world to one person"? each of us, if we choose can give hope, love, and healing. and the first person you need to give to might even be yourself.

the positive impact of giving remains long after we die, as we live on, in the memories and good feelings of our friends, family, and community. all else is forgotten.

Key Points from the Book:

-everyone can give something. even if you can't give money or material objects, you can give time, knowledge, wisdom, skills, leadership, attention, touch, advice, hope, laughter, or love. love is a universal need and spans all countries, cultures and faiths.

- those who are blessed with knowledge and wisdom have a responsibility to share their knowledge and wisdom.

- time and money are both valuable resources. give as much as you can of them both.

- if you give people skills, you empower them.

- physical touch is a basic human need.

- enhancing your communciation skills will benefit you and those you care about.

- when you give an attentive ear, you are giving utmost respect.

- give what you need most in order to experience the real power of giving.

- take a balanced approach to life and to giving.

- charity begins at home. start by loving yourself. it is not wrong to give to yourself. to look after others, you have to look after yourself first.

- make a conscious effort to give daily to your family. it forms the foundation of your giving.

- children hold the power to make our world better and our future bright and peaceful. the best gift we can give our children is to teach them to give.

- we build heart fiber in our children by giving them the values and virtues that build a strong character.

- extend your giving to your community.

- give to nonprofit social organizations. there is an incredible variety of options for giving.

- give to the planet - it has been given to us in trust, we must take care of our environment to be able to pass on to our children what our ancestores gave us.

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