10 September 2010

TGIF #20: something 20

my daughter turned 20 months yesterday. so for this five-day it's all about her!

1. Mom's back in Milan from her 40-day vacation in the Philippines. Zendra's so busy with mom's stuffs.
"i better seat inside this luggage. mine mine mine!"

2. this pix taken @ Bergamo on a weekend. She puts off her hair accessory and her shoes.
feel at home!
"i'm still cute anyway!"

3. So here's the Mikado fanatic!
"let me savor this stick chocolates Ma!"

4. she just mastered this kind of pose when she sees a camera!
"one, two, three...click!"

5. see her reaction? she doesn't like her hair accessory color.
"change it MA!"

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