03 August 2013

Foto #63: Don't Loose Hope

I was digging old photos to be put on some empty picture frames yesterday and i found this one (foto on the left). Zendra was only 3 months here. If you will really looked into it, her face was so red. Nope, it's not the usual rashes that you get when you're a baby. Z's case is different. It was scattered too in her head and some in arms and legs. Don't ask me how many times i brought her to her pediatrician to be checked-up. We were always once or twice a week at the pediatrician's clinic. Tough! No one yet can't recognize what was on her skin. First they test everything: allergies from herbs, milk, fruits and other baby foods. I got so weak for Zendra having been injected on different parts of her body, including neck to get some good veins. They're all negative. But for precaution, they change her baby milk into a soya milk. Nothing changed. The soya milk changed into rice milk. It doesn't only costs too much, but nothing changed, again. The reddish things with liquid inside return. Strange. All day and night, i put gloves on Z's hands so she will not scratch. Of course, it's itchy and disturbing. she cries all night and we almost have no sleep. i'm starting to loose hope, really.

I brought her to a dermatologist and he gave Z a lot of medicines to take and some creams (again). 
I should say, some doctors here were not good enough. They kept on giving trial medicines. But to no effect. 

One day, her face become so red and looks like it's burning, i immediately brought her to the hospital for emergency. Finally, the allergologist came to her rescue. She was so nice and calm. She gave me a small cream to put on her face, and after 2 weeks, it's finally healed. She continue to see Zendra for about 2 months and the rashes continue to diminish. The "rashes" though continues to go away and come back. But no more liquids, just looking like a normal rush. I personally changed her milk, from rice milk to normal fresh milk, without consulting anymore her pediatrician. I don't hope anymore that these rashes on her face will ever leave Zendra. She has been through a lot of injections and medications. The chicken pox added pains and itches on her skin when she was 4 months. Poor Z. 

Looking at all her videos and photos from the 3rd month to her first birthday, they're not all that well, with all her face so red. But then again, i told myself, "mawawala din 'yan nang kanya."
I just stop the creams and medicines. I got tired of buying...it's costly and useless. I just don't put anything on Z's face. No talc, no soap, no nothing. I just use Oilatum bagno, to wash her face and body. 
Hope, hope and hope. 
A month after her first birthday, i wake up with a happier face, Zendra's red face is not red anymore. It seems like nothing has happened. Thank God!

With all her sufferings when she was a baby, i guess Zendra got her "sweet revenge"...
That is, being a kid-model now! 

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