16 July 2013

Foto #46: Two Bodies: One Soul

Me and my hub walking along Makkum Beach (The Netherlands)

I have been married for almost 12 years now, yet literally me and my hub have been together for 14 years. Marriage isn't an easy thing to decide. We lived-in for two years first and, i believe God has His ways always to tell us "this is the right time to get married". I'm not the type (even i sometimes day dream about it) who wants a grand wedding. Hub did the same. We had a simple (and funny) civil wedding back in the Philippines. Funny, in the sense, that the judge who officiated the wedding rites is my dad's buddy since college days. From time to time he kids around while having his judge rites.

Judge to my dad: "Pre, me pagkakataon pang komontra..." while asking, "may tumututol ba sa kasalang ito?"
We all laugh.
Hub even kidded: "wala na pong atrasan, me nakatagong shot-gun"
And i laughed more (and louder)

But then, it was a very memorable day. Present were my dad, my cousin and his wife, my hub's cousin. 7 in the room including the judge. After the wedding, we just ate at the restaurant. No parties, no guests, no grand events, and no one has been told we just got married. Thatìs how we wanted it to be. Tipid pa! =)

Anyway, for both of us, the most important thing is that we were officially united: as one.
Marriage is a two way thing. Give and receive. Receive and Give. That's why it's called a union. Two bodies in one soul. And for that, i will forever be grateful we got each other until the end.

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