25 July 2013

Foto #55: Man on Wheels

My hub and our little Z @ Esselunga Supermarket

I always find a man going out with his daughter so sexy. I don't know why, but i did. It's always my duty to know more of the needs for the house, and yes i make my list. Only that i always forgot my list at home, or i might bring it, yet forgot to buy the ones listed, and bought the ones not on that list. Just how many of you arrived at home and will say, "Oh, i forgot the eggs, or oil, or something!" And yet, it's on your list. Funny, it's turning to be a habit for me. So, when my hub got some time to go with me in a grocery, i always tell him to remind me of the list. 

And i don't understand why men keep on passing through the liquor section, checking out the price or something. In the end, picking up a champaigne or a beer. Well, at least, my hub got his "domestic side". He ends up buying plants! (obviously, not on my list). =)

I'm not an expert in "husband psychology", but i think the very thing to consider before asking your husband to do the grocery (alone) is to never send him with a long list without specified brands/names. Chances are, he'll end up calling you every now and then. Sometimes you'll end up saying, "leave it honey, i will buy those later if you can't find them." 

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