13 July 2013

Foto #43: Red Daisies

Daisy is a common flower which everyone knows. My lady boss says (who got fantastic flowers in her garden), told me that this is a great flower for beginners to start with. Even if you have a so-called brown-thumb, you may be able to grow it. White is one of the most common daisies. But, honestly, i'm not a fan of white colors, so i chose red gerbera daisies. 

Here's a little trivia:

Red gerbera daisies are a symbol of love, passion and desire. Their beautiful round shape represent the vast amount of deep feelings that are incorporated into the rich and beautiful petals of the red gerbera daisy. So, if you are ever wondering of how you can express your love and you don’t want to be dull using red roses, red gerbera daisies may be an excellent choice!


Valentina Mantovani said...

bellissima foto e bellissimi fiori!!! :)

butterfly said...

Grazie valentina =)