01 November 2012

Todos Los Series

It's November 1 today. It means holiday!
Yesterday, i was "planning in my mind" what-to-do for the holiday:
threw the things i don't need, check the receipts/bills, and budget for the month of November, iron some clothes, check a lot of stuffs inside my personal box (kung anu-ano lang na abubot), and look at our reminder board for things i need to be reminded of. Too many things to do and take the holiday as my chance. But, here i am, having my detective/law tv series-marathon, doing nothing, but watch and bond with my hub and kids. I peeked at facebook around 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Not a usual thing for me. I mean, i always check FB first thing in the morning. The heck, it's a holiday! Be it a real non-working day. Do nothing and take this luxury of just enjoying my whole day and savoring "turon" (banana fritter) for a bountiful snack, forgetting the diet word. 

I'm of course an avid fan of the CSI series, NCSI, Criminal Minds, Bones, Cold Case & The Mentalist.
There's a channel here called "Giallo" (italian word for mystery) in which offers 24/7 a lot of detective stories.  I don't care if some were old episodes, anyway, i love these kinds of shows. I'm always fascinated of the courtroom scenes and stories. I wonder what's it's like to be a lawyer or a detective. Having taken a major in BS Psychology, i could have pursued law or medicine. Must be a tough job. A friend of mine who graduated business administration and worked in Saudi Arabia for years decided to go home, built a pastries/bakery shop, a pharmacy store, and studying law. He told me, he must be crazy to take up law. Anyway, he's still surviving now. Hope he graduated in time. It's not easy to be a father of 5, manage business and study law as well. 

Anyway, before our tv complain of an over heat, i write this one to be a breather. The kids are watching in the other room their fave cartoon series, so i would savor longer my holiday. this "The Nine" is a real mystery, and it's a "to-be-continued" series, so i'm gonna watch this before i felt asleep. Tomorrow is a working day again. (sigh)


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