26 October 2012

TGIF #41: Something of My Fave Shots: People Close to Me

I am not a photographer. But i love taking photos for memoirs.
I am just using a Nikon D60, and i'm not technically good taking great fotos.
Again, i just love photos: looking, capturing and staring at them.

Here are five of my fave shots i've made, as of now.
 They're not for national geographic, i know, but it's captured from the heart.
No particular ranking!

1. My daughter, Zendra picking up flowers last August 2012 at Parco Schiebler near our home. (Milan, Italy)
Obviously she's my favorite subject.

2.  My friend, Dewie, who visited Italy last September 2012. This is taken near the Duomo Cathedral. (Milan, Italy)
I love the blue sky and the clouds. Lovely model too.
Take a peek on her blogs. you'll love them, promise.

3.  My lovely mom. Taken last August, 2012 at Lago di Mandello del Lario, Lecco, Italy.
I got the "love fotos" habit from her, obviously.

4.  Zendra and her best friend, Maxim, taken at Parco Ca' Granda, Milan, Italy.
It's just like "girls whispering secrets".. and giggling over it. so cute.

5.  My loving husband with my daughter, taken at Einsiendeln, Switzerland last July, 2012.
 Overlooking is the grandiose Benedictine Monastery.

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