11 November 2012

Math Disaster

My son JAKI's math assignment

Another assignment.
By the way, Jaki's in first year middle school, not in college. =)

I admitted long time ago that i'm a disaster in numbers. What more in fractions and algebraic problem solvings. I graduated in high school with the 8th honors though. Maybe my good grades in english, science and other non-numerical subjects elevated my other grades. I was a disaster in Algebra. I don't know how i made it! I, for one reason, aside from loving my course, i also thought, studying Psychology would be "no-numbers". I was wrong. Talk about statistics and calculus! And, now these numbers i'm hating is haunting me. My son is now in first year middle school (Grade 6 in the Philippines)...and i can't avoid encountering these fearful problem solvings again. Italian subjects were way ahead of what i had during elementary days. It's not easy! My hub's not good in math too, so even if magkapit-bisig kami, we'll end up confused. Today, i need to teach, explain and help my son with these "horrifying" operations. I roam around the internet hoping there's some websites for a math-solving problems, just like the language translation thing. I saw some, but i need to register and pay for some on-line tutorials. Ok, fine, i'm helpless. One of the genius friends of mine, TED, is still sleeping back in Singapore, and my youngest brother who's the only best in math (within the siblings), is also in snore mode. My dad is the genius in math. I wished i had half of his brain when it comes to numbers. I only got the other half for the non-numeric subjects.

So, last resort: Facebook! i was rescued by another math-genius,  the husband of my good friend, MAY (from Netherlands). She happens to be on-line during my call of help on facebook. This virtual world really helps! I left the math problems on her message inbox and she showed it to her husband. Whala!! Problems were solved...Glad he's so helpful!

You want to help me out with Geometry now? =) (peace)

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