02 November 2012

TGIF # 42: Something About My Hub

Thank God It's Five-Day!

Since it's my hub's birthday today, i'm gonna share some pieces of him here. 
Sssshhh...don't tell him i did write something about him. No harmful facts, promise! =)

1.  He lovez Jazz. Everything that have sax, trumphet, guitar or piano on it that sounds jazzy. I'm sort of nahawa na sa kanya. He loves Miles Davis, to the point that he wants to use Miles as his profile photo in facebook.
Komontra ako. "hindi ka naman 'yun!" =)

2. He's a great handy man. From electronics, electricity, hydraulics and carpentry, he can handle them well. At least nakakatipid kami when something is broken. When i was locked inside our bathroom due to stucked lock, he's my real hero. (Will tell that story on another blog). 

3. He loves travelling around. He works before in a tanker boat, so he travelled a lot of places back in the Philippines. When the budget permits, we travelled a lot too here in Europe.

4. He's a generous person. No double thoughts about money. When he can, he helps (a lot!), and not even asking in return. When someone borrowed, hindi marunong maningil. =)

5. He's a very good father and a husband. No question about that. He always surprise me and the kids. From simple to big things, he always think about his family.  Biglang me dala na McDo hamburgers which kids love, at kebap sandwich which i like. Biglang me regalo na 24K gold watch, mga tipong ganun. hehehe.

Anyway, there are still many good things about him that i just love. Of course, no one is perfect, but why focus on the weak side? More than anything, i love the way he makes me smile. We are almost 15 years together now and i still feel like he's pursuing me. Kilig! 

To you Babes, have a wonderful 39th birthday! I can't afford a material gift for now, but you know how much we love you. 

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