10 July 2011

Pack-All-You-Want Challenge

9 more days...(from the time of this writing)

it has been 5 long years that i haven't been back home. time flies so fast!
i still have my son (4 year old then) with me the last time i took an airplane. now i got another kid, my 2 year old daughter to fly with. i always take it as "a challenge" everytime i travel. i need to beat the "nausea" or the "vomitting effect" each time i take a ride. be it a car, bus, or plane. i haven't took any ship, so i can't say i am seasick. train is the only thing i can successfully travel without having been nauseated. i always utter to myself "successful!" when i got home in one piece & normal state of mind.

i'm used to taking Lufthansa airline every time i went for vacation. yeah, i know, it's expensive! but, that's the point, you have that "more"confident feeling of going home safely and soundly, without having too much hours for stop overs. Why not try Singapore this time? It's now a hit among Pinoy workers when going home. Wouldn't hurt. Nice schedule: leaving 1pm from Milan, arriving 1pm in Manila the other day. cool! since it's vacation season, you have to book in advance to have a good plane price. We paid in cash since last March.

850euro each- for adults
750euro each - for kids

we got the total of 3,200 euro plus the taxes
luggage allowed: 40 kilos each, 7 kilos hand carry

Now, how do i pack the luggage?
That's the challenge. When you got kids with you, it seems you need to bring your "home".
As they always say, "travel light". Darn it. When you're from Europe you got to use that 40 kilo privilege. sayang naman. =)
4 persons x 40 kilos = 160 kilos, plus some hand carry bags. yes, i can!
i can put every angle of my house =)

we got 5 big luggages waiting to be packed. i did my checklist of what to put, what to bring, mga pasalubongs and abubot. i might need 10 luggages!
sa huli, for sure, me maiiwan pa! =)
"unahin yung mga padala..."

Jaki: (translated in english) "Mamma, can i bring all my PSP games?"
Me: Ok, only few ha, only your faves.
Jaki: "this, this, this...oh this...."(almost 10 psp)
Me: bring 5 will you?
Jaki: (sigh..) ok..but can i bring some playstation cd's, i can play back there. i will use kuya CJ's...
Me: nope, you can't.it's PAL system here, NTSC back home..your cd's will not play there.
Jaki: (sigh)...silence....I got an idea Mamma!...pack my tv!
(my hub and i laughed)

while we're packing the luggages the little Zendra is "pesting" on the chocolates.
"Zen..alis dyan! madedeform 'yang chocolates, hay naku!" (that's me howling) =D
now, she's packing her hello kitty mini luggage and get to her own affair.

..ooops, enough of writing for now =)

i will dish myself if i missed a thing to put in the luggage. see yah around.


RipeMango said...

i know how you feel. with small kids, it always feel like you're bringing the whole house each time. plus, pasalubongs. with the years you've been away, i'm sure your relatives and friends can't wait to line up :) :) pag nag kulang, there's always duty free :) i do that, too.
but really, here in SG wala ng mabibili na wala sa atin. madalas mas maganda pa at mura. well, it's the thought that counts. so, pack away! :)
i haven't tried lufthansa. the best airline i've ridden is Singapore Airlines. darn expensive too. but worth it.
take care and see you soon...


butterfly said...

Singapore airline rocks!!! the first time i took it. the first time for a ",iracle"---> hindi ako nahilo or napa-vomit! yehey!!!