02 July 2011

First Day of Summer Sale

Summer sale has started today. It's a very sunny Saturday and what a very nice time to shop!
Zendra is wearing a Bimbi Belli dress. I guess she's been a little taller since we bought this dress last February. We went out around 1:30pm. The bus stop is just in front of our building.
The bus timer says: "6 minutes". Not bad.

First stop: Bimbi Belli Abbigliamento 0-14
Corso Buenos Aires 75
We arrived around 2:45pm. the saleslady who said to my daugther: "oh, so here you are little one..i only saw you on computer fotos/magazine, i've been looking forward to see you in person, now here you are in front of me...so adorable"
(that's the english translation of what she said)

As usual, Zendra headed to the table with some toys and feel "at home" while i looked around to check new stuffs. i grabbed some clothes and ask Zendra to fit it on. and she doesn't want to take off the clothes anymore. That's why (in foto) she dressed differently. =)

On the glass wall, 2 big posters of the Fragolita collection. One of the models, Carlotta my friend's daughter. Very pretty indeed. I have met this girl in person...very blonde. Zendra had fotos with her when we accidentally meet here inside the store.

I called my hub and asked him if he can meet us after his work. We met at piazza Duomo and ate at McDonald's. Too long lines! But McDonald's now have this special machine as "quick orders". You just have to use your credit card or atm cards, touch the screen and order for yourself. Then give the receipt to the "quick order cashier" and whallaa!! order's there already! Real fast!

First stop: H & M. it's too crowded. i have been bumped into, several times.
I have been looking for lady blouses that i saw before the sale. they're not there! Uff!
Hub got interested in their pants, fit some, but he bought none. They have good sale, polo shirts for 14.99euro, pants, from 20euro to 55euro. The men's section is more crowded than the women's. I didn't buy anything for myself.

Second Stop: GAP Store. Lots of "GAP Milan" shirts were hanging. The first thing you see when entering GAP is the women's section. a lot of plain shirts, for 9.95euro. Very plain, not my type. I love the Gap sweat shirt, dropping from 54euro to 35euro. The women's section is not so crowded as the men's section downstairs. Gigantic posters of Gap Models (really good looking) behind the cashier. You might forget in a sec your card pin code when you stare at them. =) I love the GAP poloshirts on sale. I bought 1 for my dad. My hub bought 1 polo shirt and 1 normal shirt (with the GAP Milan print), and a brown short pants. Again, i didn't buy anything.

3rd Stop: Zara. Upon entering Zara (Duomo), you will pass a big black guy (the guard in suit). The women's section has a normal crowd. I can't find the blouse i saw before the sale. Do they hide the nicest ones during sale?
Hub and i decided to go downstairs at kid's section. Whew! Are they selling pancakes there? i saw 3 long lines at the cashier, and lots of mom's with strollers, kids running, kids fitting shoes, kids crying...etc. i saw a lot of 6 to 7euro clothes. I bought one black polo shirt for my elder son, CJ, and a dark blue polo shirt for Jaki. only 7 euro each: 50%! And, also a nice rubber/sandals for Jaki.
I convinced Zendra to try the beautiful shoes and sandals for girls. She doesn't care. Instead, she points out all the Hello Kitty bathing suit and stuffs. Oh my, someone's got to stop her. hahaha.
This time, my little girl don't insist in buying something. Third time, i bought nothing for myself.

4th Stop: Tezenis. I just entered and found out i can't move inside anymore. Too many shoppers. I quit looking around.

5th Stop: Terranova. I almost found what i want. When i fit the blouse...ooops...it's small. Arrggh. No more L size. Why do they keep on making Medium clothes like it's XS? =) (Just sour-graping). I really need a diet. Well, i better buy nothing than give up eating luxuriously =)

6th Stop: Alcott. I bought some t-shirts here for my CJ before. No where to be found. They put the "you-have-to-buy-clothes-because-it-costs-less". in other words, cheap looking too. OK, stop!

7th Stop: LEVI's. My hub wanted to buy a pants. From 80euro to 40euro. We converted to Phil. Peso. Almost the same. Straight to the door. Out!

8th Stop: Carpisa. So here you can see the real "sale" ALL 50% in all the bags. We bought a leather brown bag. Some sales ladies had been fond of my daughter, so they danced along with her. Their store stereo is a hit! The bag shoppers are alive. In the end, my daughter bagged a Carpisa wind vane, as a gift.

9th Stop: Benetton. I just looked. The Piazza Cordusio Benetton branch isn't much. It's small and you don't have a lot of choices. I headed towards the door out in 5 minutes.

Guess: just a glimpse at the window. i love the bag carried by the mannequin. 150euro! whoops...sigh.

Prenatal: I didn't walk in. I'm sure even if it's 50% sale, the clothes are expensive still.
We've been tired of walking and glancing and being bumped or bumping at someone.
Destination home.
21 minutes said the bus timer. What?
we changed route and take the Tram 1. We stopped at Via Arona. Hub headed to buy some milk, while me and Zendra sat at the bench.

Finally home by 8pm. We're starving. I fried some chicken and hub cooked some chicken soup.

So the shopping winners are my boys and my little girl.
Tomorrow, Sunday, the stores are open too. Who knows i might have been the big winner-shopper.

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