28 January 2011

TGIF #24: something beautiful

1) today was such a lovely day. my daughter had a casting call for Benetton (company for clothes). Of course, who would not know the brand UCB (united colors of benetton) it's an italian line of clothing for babies, kids and adults, and famous all over the world.

2) the casting is held at Spazio Cantoni (Via Cantoni 7) in Milan, just about an hour travel from our house. we were already there around 1:30pm. the casting will be from 2pm to 5:30pm, but as i expected, lots of kids and their respective moms/dads/grandma's were already there, waiting.

3) kids' height were measured as well as the shoe sizes. the names and other details were written in a paper and would serve as their file name. the surname Maaliw became Maalin. italians always mistaken the "W" to "N". never mind, as long as the ZENDRA name is correct. anyway, it's just for the recognition.

4) i would say my daughter Zendra had been a very good girl today. she continuously smile at the camera and the fotographer said "so pretty!" it was a successful pictorial because for the first time, Zendra didn't cry.

5) Now, we will have to wait for the agency to call me, IF my Zendra is considered for the print ads/catalogue for Benetton. i just have to cross my fingers!

It was such a beautiful Day!


May said...

ay, ayan! nakapasok din me.. this way pala ang casting..hahaha..

finger's cross for Zendra, mare.. I am sure makuha siya..but if not, better luck next time :) para sa amin si Zendra pa rin ang #1 :)


For me mare her beauty will be just right.The look in her eyes said it all na winner na siya. Goodluck !

butterfly said...

@MAY and Len, thanks mga kumare's for the support. just one phone call i'll have to wait. if the fone don't ring. it means Zendra's not yet ready for it. di ba? =)

Anonymous said...

Wow I hope makapasok siya. Galing ni Zendra talaga. you are right Teen if your phone won't ring that means its not yet her time..baka super bata pa siya for that. But im still hoping she'll make it! God bless you Kiara...LONG