17 January 2011

monday thoughts

it's monday again. i was already up around 6:30 am and headed to the bathroom. took a warm shower and get dressed. when i got back, my little Zendra is already awaken, crying...i held her in my arms and she was so warm...a slight fever i can tell. she was well last sunday, no colds nor cough. i guess there's a flu virus roaming around the city now.

i went out to bring my son, Jaki in school around 8:20am. Zendra slept again and asked my brother-in-law to watch out for her for a while. from school, i headed to the post office to pay some bills. i also sent an envelope to an italian friend, a journal and some flyers with her daughter on the advertisement. she's not from milan, so i would love to make her happy, sending those souvenirs. she's a proud mom, just like me. then i bought 2 bottles of milk, 1 box of spahetti (for Jaki's art class), and a little doll for Zendra. might as well make her happy 'coz she's not so well.

back home, she was already awaken and i handed her the little doll. she said "woow". and so she played while eating some biscuits. my friend called me up, she said her baby vomited. she always call me when her kids are sick. asking me some advices and experiences. am i good at it? =) Zendra's not the only one not feeling well today, i thought. Zendra drink her milk and ate some biscuits...but, later on she also vomited. sigh...this is one of the days that moms get to worry more. should i go to work today? should i call my husband?
well, i don't panic in situations like this. after i cleaned her up, got my self cleaned (she vomited at me too), i held her in my arms, while checking out some emails and stuffs at the net. what a multitask! i'm also helping my friend filling-up forms on-line.

while cooking soup, i turn-on the washing machine to wash the clothes that had been vomited. you know how they smell. =(

zendra's crying again---

operation: "call-mom!"
i need to finish some stuffs! i'm glad mom's 1 building away!

hope my baby will be ok tonight.

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