10 January 2011

Dear Len: Thanks for the 4!

Dear LEN,

It has been almost four years when i saw your page at Y360 with a mint green background. You are sitting on the rock and has that captivating smile. I read your blogs and gheeez…they are so inspiring. Without second thoughts i invited you to connect to me, and you immediately accepted me. YOU, became my friend.

I could still recall your very first quick comments on my page (dated January 18, 2007, 9:31pm, thursday)

You said: "What is the fastest thing on earth? Bullet? Naah..Sound? Not quite. Light! Almost. Answer: Prayer! Becoz it reaches Heaven even before You can say it. Have a Nice Day!"

…and from then on, we started throwing QC (quick comments). one time i blogged about pizza, and you joked, "how about an apple pie?" And so, i dedicated an apple pie blog for you. And i’m overwhelmed by your other comment:

(dated Februrary 16, 2007, 9:41am, friday)

You said: "Good news dear. I already perfected the apple pie. LOL. Thanks God it tastes good now. hahaha!"

And that was it…our friendship just blooms each day we peek at 360. We started laughing at Ym’s, and later on, calling/texting each other on celfone. GREAT! I just can’t simply describe how grateful am i for having you as a friend. You're the one who inspired me to do a major decision that i have been longing to fulfill. One of your blogs just deeply touched me, and changed my life. (Alam mo na ‘yun dear…LOL).

From Y360-to Mash-To Multiply-To MyLot-To Blogger-To Facebook...you are never far!

I know we’ve said & written a lot of words, about friendship, about being grateful…and i can still jot down million words here. So far, these WORDS are the only possible and wonderful things between us, ’cause we haven’t still saw each other personally. We’ll just continue to say, write, listen, blog, laugh, give, learn, love….etc.etc. about YOU and ME. I know one day, i can hold your hand and hug YOU dear. (like you and Dawn, and May and Long had.)

Continue spreading your sweetness, caring, love, laughters and understanding….

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i always treasure everything...

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the book that you gave me becomes my guide from time to time

"They say that into each life
some rain must fall.
and we all know it’s true.
But, there is reassurance to
be found in the rainbows that follow
and in the wonder of people like YOU."
(Colin McCarty)

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Life is indeed full of mystery as it never ceases to mystify us. Sometimes we're down even as we continually struggle to keep our friendship alive. There's one thing am sure you can rely on dear. You are special regardless of whatever happens in the future and love is always there.

butterfly said...

Thanks dear. i know what you mean.