03 March 2012

She Makes Me Laugh, a Lot!

My girl (Zendra) is 3 years old and almost 2 months now.
And i tell you, she's funny!

I can jot down hundreds of things, but let me share you a dozen for now.

1. Her A-B-C song can last for 5 minutes (or endlessly).

2. She's "brave" enough to mess up with his older brother's things. Everyday is an "out-of-this earth-funny-language" war-zone.

3. She still pronounce the "R" as "L", and the "F" as "S". "Flower" becomes "Srowel".

4. She will definitely put away her underwear and put in her head to get your attention.

5. She loves clicking the camera by herself now, and each time she takes a picture, she pose too.

6. She always insist of putting her shoes by herself, expect the left shoe to be worn on her right foot.

7. She still refer to my dad (her grandpa) as "Nonno Apay", means Grandpa Bread. When we were in the Philippines for vacation, my dad used to buy bread (tinapay, in filipino language) each morning.

8. She won't stop asking you whom you are talking on the telephone. If you don't tell a name, she will get the phone and ask the one on the line..."Chi'รจ?" (Who is this?)

9. She always sing "Old McDonald had a Farm" each time we wait for the bus for school.
"Ol Madonal had a salm...iii-yahhiii-yahhh yooo."

10. She can't live without her precious handkerchief. She calls it "Tissue". When she wakes up at wee hours, first thing she looks and scream for..."tissssuuuueee!"

11. When we bid "goodnight" (buona notte) before going to bed, she will say "Buona Notte, Wapi (referring to her Papi), Kuya (referring to her older brother Jaki), Mamma," and never forget to say last "Buona Notte Zendra!" (to herself)

12. When my phone rings and i'm in the bathroom or kitchen, she will get your fone and scream louder than the ambulance, "Mamma.....Lelesono..(Telefono)!"


RipeMango said...

little girls are little treasures. so sweet and malambing...

butterfly said...

you're right RipeMango. glad we got baby girls. =)