31 March 2012


40 and fabulous! My shirt speaks for itself =) (wink-wink)
within less than a month, i will turn 41 and needless to say my life is just starting over. for the past year of being forty i could say i've been "braver". Braver in the sense that i have been more open to new challenges, positive or negative ones. it's a good feeling: trying new things that i haven't tried, doing this self portrait (and laughing at myself while doing it). who cares, i can't pose and be daring like this 10 or 20 years from now. but, of course, i wish i still look like this when that time comes. :D

i have no other thoughts for now...
just dare me! (wink wink)


Mayo said...

mare, hinahanap ko ang like link dito..akala ko nasa FB ako...hahaha..anyway, nice blog and I enjoyed reading it.
I'll be back to read more of your daily activities...ciao! Spero passiate un buon fine settimana :)

butterfly said...

Thanks mareng Mayo. take your time...i got lot to finish here pa nga...naka drafts pa...=) thanks for passing by.