04 June 2011

Saturday Rants

Bureau of Immigration says: "If the traveler is a mere namesake of a person banned from leaving, the Bureau of Immigration will issue a clearance stating that he or she and the person named in the HDO is not one and the same."

My brother (in blue sweat shirt) was never permitted to leave yesterday and was held by the Philippine Immigration because of the "same name case". He's name is renato maaliw, jr. but the immigration officers told the other "renato maaliw III" is the same name. what???
Actually, my youngest brother Togz (the 3rd) is "ban" from leaving the country because he's a scholar of CHED (Commission on Higher Education, UP Diliman). He's taking a doctoral degree now. So he was obviously on the "watchlist".
But, they insist they are the "same person".
At least, the officers have been considerate upon viewing the documents/evidences provided at the airport. But, NO! My brother just went back home. It had put a lot of hassles not only to my brother, but to other travelers who needs to re-book their flights and get the "certificate of clearance". And how will the people know if their names got are the same with the "banned travellers?" Will all the travellers check the bureau? If his "name" has the same name of a person in the watchlist, once he landed in the Philippines, the immigration should had warned him/stopped him in the first place. Why when he's leaving that this thing happened? The immigration should do something about this system.

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