27 June 2011

Romeo & Juliet

It was a very interesting Sunday (June 26) for me and my daughter Zendra. It was Zendra's fotoshoot!
It was the first time i met in person the fotographer Valentina Mantovani from Verona. It's her first time in Milan. We met only at Facebook first, then at Blogger. I love her fotos. She's a good fotographer even still very young.
I was honored and proud that she chose my daughter as her model for her fotos.
This cute gift was from Valentina, from her town Verona, of the famous Romeo and Juliet love story. Someday, i'm gonnna visit Verona to see for myself that famous "balcony" where the lovers promised their endless love. =)


Valentina said...

Thank you Kris for the dedication
=)))) you are so sweet :*

butterfly said...

you're welcome dear!