15 December 2010

we got the copies!

front cover

back cover (zendra appeared there, 5th line)

Month of October

we finally got the copies of the Bimbi Belli Abbigliamento 0-14 Calendar 2011 yesterday. all the candidates were included in their cover pages and the 1st page. all the moms are so curious about the calendar. we don't have any ideas how our kids looked in the foto. I just wonder why the calendar designer picked this shot of Zendra? so serious. this is the moment when she's supposed to cry and got scared of the photographer. =)
Zendra got a lot of shots and she got a change of outfit too. those will be used in the magazine or catalogue (as the Bimbi Belli management said)

just for the excitement, i had some hurried shots of some pages of the calendar. Zendra's also so curious of her foto, she tore the back page of the calendar later. gonna wait for the calendar online, so everyone can see it clearly.

i know lot of friends/relatives asked for the calendar. unfortunately, i can't send everyone the original copies. winners got limited copies. it's free and not for sale. the only way to get it is to shop at Bimbi Belli Store. If it's for sale, i could have bought 30 copies or so.

i hope people will understand.

anyway, as friends/relatives will understand, i guess we are all proud of Zendra, right?


Long said...

I'm proud of you Zendra, congratulations! This is a very early achievement of yours, I am expecting you'll be somebody when you grow up, God bless you always...Ninong Long

kit kat said...

Congratulation Zendra..I am so proud of you...Best Wishes ...tita Katz...thanks for sharing teen;)

butterfly said...

@Long, thanks for always supporting Zendra. everything's possible with all those friends who are helping.

butterfly said...

@Kitkat, thanks for taking time too to pass by here.

Maan said...

We're so proud of you Kiara... Congrats!!

butterfly said...

@Maan, thanks!

Frencel Louie Tingga said...

wow nice calendar, she's pretty and innocent :)

butterfly said...

@Frencel, thanks for stopping by