10 December 2010

TGIF# 23: something unfinished

1) Drafts, drafts, drafts. Whatever happen to my being a "prolific wiriter"? i guess i was so busy these days and i can't publish (or can't even finish) my blogs.

2) Yeah, often times when i leave something for later, like WRITING, and i keep saying ..."I'll do it later...", then it piles up. Instead of just scribbling notes, i start to avoid it, because sometimes the ideas just went off my mind.

3)---xsd yh buujhgbn bnnm vgyyyyyyuoioii .---mmnhhuoil----

Pardon the intrusion of my 23 month-old daughter who keeps banging my keys. So, should i also blame this pest on my lap with these never ending drafts?

4)"I'll do it this weekend..." i tell myself, but when the weekend hits...i realize that i am talking to the pc screen..."i'll finish later..." If only my screen can dish me up, hahaha!

5) OK, i might as well start typing now.....

Stay tuned...

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