08 November 2010


twenty-two months!

these are facts to expect from me:

"By now i will begin to have particular ideas about what i want to accomplish – such as pushing my own stroller down a path. When someone disrupt my plans, i'm apt to get upset.

Praising attempts, not just accomplishments, can help me learn to cope with disappointments. For example, if i'm struggling and on the verge of tears, you might say, "I know it's hard to get that shoe on, and you're trying really hard." Or, "You look mad. Can I help you?" Challenging activities can also boost my sense of pride, such as stacking chunky blocks or figuring-out picture puzzles.

Moms/Dads should not rush to my rescue if i'm mildly frustrated. Jumping in to do it for me can foster dependence and diminish my confidence. Parents challenge is to balance me!"

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