21 November 2010


When you go to this exhibit, you just have to follow ONE RULE:

"DON'T JUST LOOK, PLAY as long as you can!!!"

LEGO corner: my kids practically spent half of the day here

Giant Hagrid

Harry Potter

Lego fanatics!

me, zendra, my mom and jaki

balloon house

my hub challenged by wood puzzles. they're not just for kids!

giant Trudi bear!

test drive (in the end he got a "temporary student license" card. he's proud of it =)

wi-fi marathon

XBOX360 fanatics

my daughter had fun with the other kids

drawing/coloring/messing...all in one!

love these pouffe!

"Ma, can you buy one for me?"

sis-bro match!

it's about time they have english cartoons on tv!

hop in kids!

mini football stadium

Gormiti creatures

when i was a kid i'm not fortunate to have lego and other expensive toys.
i would say i'm doubly lucky now: i got kids, and they share me their toys i never had.

G! Come Giocare!
Salone Internazionale del Giocattolli
Via Scarampolo
Milan, Italy

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