10 February 2013

Been Busy Lately

i'm not neglecting my blogs, nor forgetting what to write. i just don't have enough time to really sit down and jot things out. February i guess will be the busiest month for me: as a stage mom for Zen, as a teacher mom for Jaki, as a working mom, and a wife. i need a lot of energy. whew!
Jaki has three more "after school" activities now, aside from his archery class during tuesday afternoon. he got wednesday/friday schedule in the church nearby, and thursday in the social hall. so i'll be running here and there more to bring/fetch him up before i go to work. Zendra just had a new project yesterday, and she'll have another pictorial next saturday. she was booked for March and April too. i'm glad for these blessings and chances. I'm into extra business-type work too, so every Sunday or Saturday that i'm not doing anything, i'm spending it with some client meetings/presentation. i'm thankful for a supportive husband who doesn't complain (yet), but of course, even if i'm too busy with all of these stuffs, i'm doing what i can to be a duly wife. =)

i'll be popping in and out of the blogging world. if only a day can have 30 hours, i'll be happy to stay and write everything. see yah!

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