12 December 2012

13 Days of Christmas/1

i will be counting down my thirteen days of Christmas.
12 days is just so redundant for the season.
maiba naman.

for  Jaki
Lego Hero Factory

my boss gave me a 10euro gift check for La Feltrinelli Bookstore. so, i intentionally went to the bookstore today, to use the gift card. i bought the magazine, Bambino Sarai Tu, which features Zendra inside. I bought another one for my italian friend. So, that totaled 6euro. I thought, i still have 4 more euros left to spend that gift card. just near the cashier, i saw these lego toys and checked the prices. Ok, this Stringer with 200 pieces costs 8euro. Ok for the budget, 2 euro lang idadagdag ko. My son, Jaki love these hero factory series, so i got one, for his birthday or Christmas. Either of the two occasions, because we usually celebrate his birthday on the 25th of December, though his birthday falls on Dec. 27. para isang handa na lang and pag-oopen ng gifts.

1 gift for Jaki: checked!

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