22 April 2011

TGIF # 26 : something 40!

For today's Thank God It's Five-Day..i will rephrase the acronym to T.hank G.od I.'m F.ORTY!

1) Quote for today: "Looks like 18, feels like 14, acts like 8: that makes me 40!"

2) Menu for today: Pancit, fried Chicken, Siopao and Balut. not exactly the usual bday menus, but they're all gifts to me. love to eat all of it!

3) Greetings for Today: I copied all the facebook greetings. can't count them all. I'm overwhelmed!

4) Gifts for Today: i don't get exactly get what i wished for, but the Green Tea (Elizabeth Arden) perfume given by my husband is special!

5) What i did today: It's my birthday..i don't want to do anything. On pajamas the whole day, replying to all the FB greetings! hahaha.

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