10 October 2010

first casting

when i saw the ad on facebook, i never think twice. i told myself, "would be fun". so i brought my daughter for a casting for a calendar & advertisements for baby clothes here in Milan. "won't hurt anyway. you'll never know..." i told myself.

i'm just proud of my daughter.

she's a bit awkward of the fotographer. she's used to being fotographed by me or any relatives. i can't make her smile. i keep on saying.."kiara..smile...kiara pose...kiara show your teeth..."
at the end she had her 5 or 6 shots without a smile. hope they'll choose the best shot!

the fotographer says: "she's so cute!"

well, it doesn't matter if she's chosen or not. i just want her to experience it.

it's her first casting!
thank God she never had tantrums.

i survived!


Anonymous said...

ahoooy mapasama man o hindi, ikaw ang aming munting princess at munting model anak, ninang dawn loves you muaaaaaaah.

hmpt,kasi naman darleng
sana hinablot mo sa bruhilda yung cam at ikaw nalang kamo ngki click ng nag ki click mwehehe

butterfly said...

hahaha..darleng ayan nga, nag pix pix din ako, para kunwari ako rin fotographer nya. nag fifill-up pa kasi me forms, eh pinix na agad. enjoy din naman sya...ayaw umalis dun sa table, kasi me toy...lol. what's important eh yung nag participate and try di ba?

she'll still be my number one model!

Lenie said...

dapat stage ninang din ako he he. Go kiara . Mare keep on believing mananalo yan .

butterfly said...

she need a lot of votes. counting on you two! thanks!